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    Shrimped in Aialik Bay last weekend but didn't have much luck. We caught enough for a nice side dish for dinner each night - all very nice spots and coonstripes but not very many at all. We made 4 drops in 4 different areas ranging from near the head of the bay to about mid bay on both sides at depths ranging from 350 to 450 feet with soak times varying from 4 to 15 hours. Best results were longer soaks. We had a hard time finding solid bottom between 300 and 500 feet - the pots were pretty muddy when they came up each time.

    Next time I'm out that way I plan to drop near the mouth of the bay and near the islands.

    We noticed about 4 other bouys while out there with no one else in sight except for a few sight seeing boats.

    Has anyone else on the forum tried shrimping over there yet?

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