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Thread: Kicker Bracket on 18' Klamath

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    Default Kicker Bracket on 18' Klamath first post to the site...
    I have an 18' Klamath Aluminum skiff, with an old 60hp-2stroke as the main motor. the kicker is a nice 6hp-4stroke mounted on one of those kicker brackets off to the side. We just bought the boat.
    I dont like 3 things about this setup:
    1) (and most imortantly) the motor when up on tilt for moving with the big motor, jumps up and down over each wave somewhat...the worse the water, the worse the just doesnt look strong enough to not tear away from the transom (I have a cable on it)
    2) currently, there are like 5 notches on the bracket...meaning you can lower it through 5 positions. In the boat, when you lower drops right out of your hands all the way down and there isnt anything you can do, except watch as its submerged just above the cowling (top cover?). From there, you can bring it up 1 notch (cowling just above waterline), but imossible to bring up after that point while in the boat (its possible when on the trailer, but not easy).
    3) you have to raise the tiller arm when turning hard to the inside to avoid the big motor (this isnt a big deal and probably nothing you can do it about it with a 4' wide beam??)

    #1 is my biggest worry...and likely a fix to it, would resolve my #2 (since it might be to get a new bracket)??

    I have dual mounted oil filters (H2o seperators) mounted on the transom, right where I possibly could get away from mounting the kicker directly to the, cant mount the kicker there unless I also move those.

    anyone ever had the same problem?

    thanks, Jeff

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    Default question?

    Just curious here - is the motor bracket bouncing or just the motor bouncing on the bracket?

    If the bracket itself is bouncing I would guess one of two things...
    #1 the mounting bolts are loose or #2 the bracket is not desinged well and/or for that size of motor...

    The only bracket I have ever used has a wide (speard out) flange where it is bolted to the boat... (wider is better) It also has a locking arm which locks the bracket in the "UP" position. It is a solid swing arm lock which does not allow any bounce.

    If those are not the problem then I would figure the motor itself is bouncing on the bracket. I doubt seriously it will damage the bracket but then again I've not seen it...

    PS... I'm sending you a PM... let me know if you receive it.

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    Default Same Problem

    I have the exact same problem with my lil' kicker. I have a 20' Sprint with a 135 w/jet and a tohatsu 9.9 on a motor bracket. I like using my sled in Valdez fo silvers and shimps, and the tohatso works great. I even have a control arm running from my main motor so i can steer from the helm...I had the same problem with the motor flopping around. My best guess is that the mount is just to dang small to carry he weight of the motor even though the manufacturer say it will hold up to 25hp...bologne! I ended up finding a height that I was happy with and cranking all the bolts on the motor lift down nice and tight so that it would not move. That fixed the problem. I am able to tilt the kicker up when not in use and it just barely clears the transom. Then when i am ready to troll then i can lower the kicker and it works great. The only drawback is that i would like it to be a bit lower in the water so i could use it as a backup more effeciently. But I guess you cant have everything. The setup does work fine the way i have it set right now. In the future I would like to upgrade to a bigger bracket so i can move it up and down the way i want.

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    I used to have the very same boat as you. I mounted my 9.9 directly on the transom and never had any trouble.

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    Default Thanks

    hi all who responded. Thanks for the advice, suggestions and background info. Just checked the site after a few days, so havent checked anything yet, but your replies will provide my 1st checks.

    If interested, here are a few of my replies to individual questions:
    1) mainly, it is just the motor bouncing on the bracket. However, b/c the kicker bracket 'arm' is extended 6-8 inches away from the transom and where the arm begins, when up on step the movement isnt limited to the motor only...that arm swings a little back and forth and maybe up/down.
    2) If PM means private message, then yes I got an email from you.

    So...I will tighten a few nuts/bolts on the mount and see how it looks.

    thanks again, Jeff


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