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Thread: BC bead rig vs kenai bead rig

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    Default BC bead rig vs kenai bead rig

    Recently had opportunity to fish for rainbows, browns, and steelhead on Vancouver island rivers. The regulations are regional and river specific and I depended on local expertise rather than try to memorize a new set of rules.

    Many of these rivers were "fly fishing only" which meant single barbless hook with no split shot or indicators allowed. The bead rig we fished used a section of T11 lead core sinking line loop connected to the main floating line and a short fluro leader with a pegged 10mm bead above a snelled #2 hook.

    The initial feel of this set-up was very different to the tradtional kenai rig with long fluro leader, split shot and strike indicator. At first I was worried the drifts would be difficult and the takes would be too subtle. However, I was happy to discover this set-up fished really well and many great fish were hooked and landed.

    Question: Anyone have experience fishing this type of BC style bead rig in the Kenai. I am wondering how it would compare to the tradtional thingamabobber, split shot set-up?


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    I've beaded lots of different ways, and this method can be a winner. It is hard to get a truly dead drift with it because you have to sense the bite somehow (which is what the indicator allowed with the long leaders) which requires tension, it's more of a controlled swing but it definitely works. I've utilized it when I was in extremely clear water and the fish were flinching from the indicators going over head.

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