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Thread: Hydrofoil for Volvo Penta 280

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    Default Hydrofoil for Volvo Penta 280

    Hey Everyone! First off just let me say I love this forum. So much experience and knowledge to be shared and gain for a newbie to the boating ranks like me. I have been following this forum for the past couple of years but this is my first post/thread.

    Here is my question. I know there have been threads about hydrofoils on outboards but I was wondering if there are any thoughts for my specific application, a 1985 Volvo Penta 280 SP sterndrive. I have read mixed reviews saying that the hydrofoil will break the cavitation plate/exhaust port but I have also heard other that say it is worth every penny. Anyone on here have any experience with this in Alaska and can offer me some advice. Looking to reduce porpoising and get on step a bit quicker. I have trim tabs, and of course they help, but if I can gain a bit more of an advantge with a hydrofoil then it would be worth the investment.

    I appreciate any and all advice!


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    Also had a bayliner and they worked great. Big improvement and well worth the time and money to put them on.

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    I have one like this on my 23' Trophy and I do like it. I don't think it was a night and day improvement but it does work well.
    I originally bolted mine on temporarily using the bolt for my steering fin Zinc.Then when I had it in the shop one time they suggested solid bolting Since I had decided I was going to keep it I had them drill and mount it permanently for me.
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    My only experience with a hydrofoil on a Volvo 280 was on a 21' glass boat. I can say it did come out of the hole a little better but didn't really notice any fuel savings. The only negative aspect was that it made the steering fairly heavy as compared to having it stock. For your application trim tabs will do the most to help you but if they don't seem to be cutting it the hydrofoil will help a bit.

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