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Thread: Polaris Ranger Crew 800

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    Default Polaris Ranger Crew 800

    Thinking about getting one.

    Unless there is a better rig in same price range that will haul as many people and as much stuff.

    It looks like it would benefit from a 4" lift and bigger tires because of the long wheel base and high centering.

    Any idea on how big of a tire you could do with a 4" lift do that would not bog the engine down ?

    Recent model good shape used ones are going for $12,000 v.s new ones around $16,000
    Not much price break for a used one ?

    Also wondering if a 40 HP engine is really strong enough for hauling that many people and bunch of gear ?

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    They are tough, my buddie in Valdez has one with 31.5 mudders. Its a tank and will go through anything. 2 issues to consider, he goes through parts as it is max'd out and anything built to that extreme gets excess stress. Second is manuverability, where I do a 3 point turn in a standard ranger he has to do a 6. Once lined up though I have never seen him stuck. He does not play in it, just goes where he wants. He has enough power that we used it to pull a 1500 lb moose up a cottonwood to skin like a deer.


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