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    Default bear calling

    hey there i'm new to teh forum. It has already been very helpful. ME and a buddy are looking to some weekend blackie hunts out point mackenzie. I knwo from past experience that the bears are out there. had one scare off a cow during moose season last year. We are not doing bait nothing personal to bait hunters just does not interest me. was thinking of trying to call them. i have a predator distress call, a bear call, and was thinkig of trying to imitate a moose calf. any advice or tips on the subject or the area would be greatly helpful. we are looking to start going in the next week or so.

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    I have called in and killed black bears in both Alaska and Idaho. On both occasions, I used the same rabbit squeeler I use to call in Coyotes in Indiana.

    The bear I called in Alaska was near Telaquana Lake. I saw the animal cross an open area 500 yards in front of me, only to disapear into some alders. After putting my gun on some sticks, I let loose on the call. Within a minute, the bear walked back out of the cover and headed toward me. Problem was, another black bear appeared from the opposite side of the clearing at the same time. As I decided which one to shoot, my partner smacked me on the head. She was watching our rear and immediately spotted a brown bear and two cubs headed our way as well. I shot the bigger of the two black bears, and the other ran. The brownies stopped to survey the situation. They didn't leave, however, until we made a bunch of commotion.

    The lesson I learned, was to be careful when calling in AK. When Brown bears are in the area, be prepared to deal with more than one bear under the right circumstances.

    Don Mulligan

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    Talking bear calling

    Don put it right very careful when calling bears, no matter what the persuasion. A good idea to have someone covering your backside. I've used a predator call in BC calling grizzly and that can be. shall we say, a little frazzling on the nerves, especially in close, thick cover. I managed to call in two one and on another evening, was calling and facing east, when I looked to my was a sow griz and two cubs coming, with the only thing that stopped them was a swollen stream they didn't want to cross. I don't even want to think of what would have happened if they'd come across that stream without us seeing them. Next day in the same area, called in a large boar and he wouldn't cross that same stream and started walking away when I shot him, so calling will work...just be prepared, and good luck. Thanks, ciao.

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    I have a video on this. I havent watched it for some time, but one thing stuck out the most. The caller had great succes as long as a bear was within sight. I know that they made a mention that they rarely call in bears sight unseen. since that is probably not an option, id look for green grass, creek shores and lake shores. If you can find these places at the base of a mountain that would be even better. This time of year there is just patches of grass here and there so narrowing down that shouldnt be too hard. Better hurry though cause the green is coming fast.

    Another thing was that they did not let up on the calling. The screemed and screemed. The moment they stopped the bear stopped. ANd most of them bears were running or coming at a pretty fast walk.

    If I was you Id at least sit in a tree stand. Ive done calling in bear country before, and its hard to sit still when you know you are on the ground ringing the dinner bell. At least in a tree stand you would have a sense of security and not become too figity.


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