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    Default Thread furled leaders

    Anyone here use or make their own thread furled leaders? Can you twist the thread by hand like using mono or do you need to use a jig board?


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    I made a jig board and used to use that. The leaders made are awesome and work extremely well. They are fairly time consuming to make though which is why I have not used them in awhile, I hardly have time to tie my own flies even. I used some unithread or something like it from joann fabrics. It was basically super light mono. I still use them occasionally for grayling fishing with dries but other than that making them is really not worth the time in my opinion. If you have any more questions let me know, I went on a couple year kick making them.

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    Only time I've tried them is with a Tenkara outfit for trout, and they're much like AKGrayling describes, both in construction and in results. I still have an assortment of furled leaders around including the "thread" version, but I haven't even got around to trying them on a conventional rod.

    BTW- For Tenkara I've been happier with a length of straight 30' for an extended butt, to which I add a 9' conventional tapered leader. Handles at least as well and is a whole lot cheaper. Even making my own tapered leaders rather than buying is less fiddly than making furled or buying them.

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    Grayling's dad showed me how to make them on a jig, it really doesn't take that long. The key is once you're set up, make a pile of them. The jig board is just a 2X4 and some dowels and a couple of cabinet hooks, one for the drill.
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