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Thread: Kenai In September - Appreciate Your Advice

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    Default Kenai In September - Appreciate Your Advice

    I have been to Kenai Peninsula twice before. This year I decided to be there on the second week of Sept for 7 days. We have total of 7 guys, none of the guys have been to Alaska before except me. So I am planning for the trip. I don't want to disappoint the first timers, I need your help.

    I like to fish for silver, rainbow, halibut, and maybe char, grayling if the opportunity is there. I also like to squeeze in half a day for razor clamp digging.

    I plan to spend couple days in upper Kenai, couple days in Homer, and couple days in Anchorage area. Here are the places I know and maybe fished at before: Ship Creek, Montana Creek, Kenai @ the ferry and Russian River junction, Homer Spit. I did took a trip for Halibut the last time I was in Homer.

    I am thinking of getting a guided trip on Kenai for rainbow, and hire a boat in Homer for Halibut, maybe feeder king or silver. The rest of time we will be on our own. I will have a van to get around. I will mostly flyfish. I am not sure about the rest of the guys.

    I know that I will miss the red run on the Kenai, and maybe the combat fishing. But I am looking forward for some nice rainbow, and maybe a silver or two. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any help or hints that you can provide. If you don't want to post please PM me. Thank you very much.

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    The Clams will be up to the tides, ask google and it will tell you if your timing happens to occur during a clam tide.

    Space your guided Homer and Kenai trips with a few days in between so you can hit the Kasilof/Ninilchik/Deep Creek and Anchor. Bead fish with fly gear or spinning gear. Take your Kenai trout trip first with a guide and you'll know all you need to know for the rivers on the way to Homer.

    Take your Kenai guide trip as early as you can because the basic method you use on that trip will work everywhere you go. Kenai Cache has some good guides and some so-so guides but I highly recommend the upper guided trip. Take a day to walk the russian with beads and you'll catch trout and maybe a bonus silver.

    The only places I know of to get at grayling on the peninsula require several hours of hiking, maybe others know differently.

    I don't know ANYTHING about fishing around Anchorage.

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    Here's a link to some clamming tides for this september:
    If you're coming the 9th to the 15th it doesn't appear to be much of a low tide, but the next week it gets a little better.
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    There is a huge advantage to taking a guided trip. Check out

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    Is the cache a sponsor of the forum?

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    Thank for the info. I am disappointed that we won't be there for the big minus tide. I guess if we just have to buy it if we want to have some.

    Doing the guided trip early is a good suggestion. Now that clamp digging is out, we would have more time for fishing. So after picking up the RV we can head down to the camp ground near the Kenai and Russian confluence and go for a day of rainbow fishing. I will check out Kenaicache. Any other recommendations?

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    Alaska trout fitters is anther one, once you drive into Cooper's landing you will see signs all over the place, trick is to find one still open, or isn't booked.

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    Same agenda? When you say, "I like to fish for...", is that what your buds say too? As long as they share the same expectations, planning will be much simpler. Couple of guys I didn't know joined me and my buddy (his friends) fishing Kodiak one year. Their inexperience and expectations (from those tourism ads I suppose) seemed to contribute to their frustrations. Happily though, one of them popped some Glenlivet one evening. The mood was just smashing after that. It can be hard to fit 7 guys' wishes, travel AND fishing into 7 days. I'd talk to my group for a sense of what everyone's priorities are.

    So many fish, so little time: Between Montana Creek and Homer, you'll be billing a lot of road time. I like what limon32 suggested about spacing and planning your stops. The drive (t-r-a-f-f-i-c) and construction can be disruptive.

    Good luck and hope you guys have a great trip.

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    I booked a float trip on the Kenai for 8. We will fish for rainbow, and salmon if any still left at the time. I am excited about the thought of hooking up with a 10+ RT. Now I am looking for other places to fish for the rest of the time. Is Anchor river a good possibility for Sept? Can it be self-guided? Public access?


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