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Thread: Pole bender-box full. AP access pic

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    Default Pole bender-box full. AP access pic

    Just in case you hadn't seen it. This was Sat.

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    Kardinal: box empty now ,
    that does not look to bad, did not make it down there, thought about it on the way home. having issues getting the boat running, doesn't like the cold! And unlike your kayaks, a shot of Baileys does NOT help
    did you go test the waters?

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    I got out by the spit on Saturday. Morning was a lot of cold waves coming over the bow but it got really nice in the afternoon. No love from the kings but did see more bait in the area than two weeks ago.

    I think our group is going to try and hit the bluffs somehow. Next choice will be to cross to the Islands but if we have to, we wll strain a lot of water by the spit looking for that one big fish! I may have a question or to I will PM ya later! Yah, that bailey's definitely can kick start a kayak when added to warm coffee!!!!!!


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