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    A piece of new gear for my sheep hunt last year was a PrimaLoft filled jacket. It performed better than expected and I would like to throw it in the pack for this years hunt but there is one problem... On day 4 of my sheep hunt last year I was walking up a drainage and looked across the valley and half way up the mountain and spoted a nice black bear. After watching it for awhile I realized how easy it was to spot him from such a long distance and that the jacket I was wearing was the same color, black, and then it dawned on me how easy it must be for the sheep with their superior eyesight to see me and to top that off they probably think I'm a bear to boot. After getting luck and drawing a nice sheep tag this year and not wanting to buy another jacket I started looking into dyeing my jacket. Wondering if anyone else has taken on a similar task, what brand/color they used and most importantly what were your results.

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    I have never tried to dye a synthetic fabric. Rayon and nylon will take a dye. The issue is that you are starting off at black. You will have to bleach that out and then start over.

    But a cabelas microtex shirt in outfitter camo and wear that over the puffy coat.

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    I use a Wildthings Tactical windshirt in Multicam over my solid color insulators.

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    Sorry I've been away for a few days. So we have 2 votes for a cover garment and 0 with any experience with the dye. Bleaching sounds interesting. Anyone with experience doing this?


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