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    be on the KP June 15-25. We'll hit the Russian for reds of course, and do a couple trips on the Kenai or Kasilof for kings, depending on which (if either) is fishing better, and halibut. I need a little feedback on other opportunites on the KP in late June....
    reds in the resurrection in Seward? this is a new one to me...
    kings in Seward...trolled or snagging? I did the snagging thing last time up ( a decade ago) and would do it again if it's an option
    kings in deep creek/ninilchik (we'll have one open weekend I think?)
    kings out of Homer? is it worth it?
    Kasilof kings from shore? too late maybe?

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    Subscribed...I'll be there around the same time. Hope you get some good responses.

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    Really? Nobody?? c'mon guys, someone has to know something about some of these fisheries!
    I'm especially interested to hear about the kings down in the Ninilckik, Anchor, etc... Were those runs really slow last year like the big rivers?
    Trying to set up a loose iteinerary for the trip and whether to be sure to be down there on our only weekend is a sticking point. help please??

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    I think the only river open during your stay is the Anchor River. With a strong return, they open the Ninilchik and Deep Creek to extended fishing for clipped hatchery fish on some years but I wouldn't count on anything like that this year. As poor as the returns have been, I don't think anyone wants to give out advice since they just don't know. I grew up in Kenai and late June was a down time for us for salmon. Typically the first run of Kasilof kings have peaked. we waited for the larger second run reds, The Kenai River is the Kenai River for kings...always possible, and the other rivers south were closed. I think in late June the kings were actually better in Ship Creek in Anchorage as well as the rivers up north. But they all are suffering from the same lack of kings issue. Very very tough to plan a trip around King Salmon lately.

    Are you trying to fill the freezer with salmon or other options being considered?

    Southcentral 2013 regs:

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    thanks for the reply kardinal. This trip is me and my wife and 2 daughters, so definatly not looking to load up a bunch of fish boxes. But we'll do a couple butt trips and hit reds at the Russian and maybe Seward so I expect we'll take some fish home.
    Sounds like the kings need a problem with that. Probably do one Kenai charter just for old times sake, if it isn't shut down completly.
    Last time we were up in June we flew over to the Nush, but thats not gonna happen this trip, oh well!

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    I don't know how helpful it might be since it is so old. But I kept decent logs of my fishing from 1995 to 2004 online. It tapers off after 2002 but it might give you some ideas. My newer stuff is more kayak specific on a different URL.

    I did fairly specific fishing with a lot of it on the KP...but not so much during your time frame for the trip it seems. But at any rate if you like...

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