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Thread: Anchor Point or Ninilchik help

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    Default Anchor Point or Ninilchik help

    Friends and I are going to launch out of Anchor Point or Ninilchik in 1.5 weeks or so with my boat. How do I find the Halibut? Any suggestions? We're pretty set up, I will be sort of blind guessing without some help though.
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    Right now its slow, some chickens in 60-90 feet or you have to run about 25 miles SW to get fish now, in a week or two the fish will probably be in closer, 16-19 miles. Water temp is 40 near shore and 36 in deep water, just need warmer water for the fish to move in.
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    Just head straight out for about 12 miles and fish in about 200 ft. Little early yet. 2-6 pound chickens

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