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Thread: Prince of Wales Mid-June to Mid-July?

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    Default Prince of Wales Mid-June to Mid-July?

    Hello All,

    First post and I believe it's a little ritual to tell something about yourself before requesting info.

    Here go's: live in Oregon and primarily swing for steelhead and salmon. Flew to AK for the first time last year and had a blast fishing for Kings, Reds, Dollies and Coho. Got the itch bad, so I'm heading back to AK in September for sure and hopefully in June as well.

    Here's my problem; the June trip we're planning on heading to Prince of Wales, which I know very little about.

    So, if I went between June 16th and July 16th, would it be worthwhile (freshwater, streams and rivers, no salt/marine). Or, the freshwater fishing is probably a bust and it's best to look elsewhere?

    I guess I'm looking a green light, saying, yeah you'll probably have pretty good freshwater fishing (salmon/steelhead), or not.

    Thanks for your input,

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    Default POW defined...

    Go to the fishing area information that is above this forum and click into it.
    There is basic information presented with URL's that will give you even more specific details.

    Our webmaster provided this data to assist person's just like you. Some of the local's might post to further help you, but this is a dandy way to get started...


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