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Thread: Hobie Fishing Kayak

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    Default Hobie Fishing Kayak

    Just saw this on CL. It looks like it has some good features for those of you who use your kayak to fish. It seems that is a little heavy, and they don't give the price, but looks like a cool product

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    That's looking good! And it is a power boat, human power I have fished a lot from an inflatable and a sit-on-top, this one is a Cadillac but maybe not one you would launch in the surf like we did with the sot...

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    The PA12 is actually listed as a boat in the Hobie Catalog. My understanding is the PA12 is a great stable flat water boat. It runs into a bit of an issue in larger ocean waves.

    You might consider the Hobie Outback which is lighter. If you don't need as much space and want a slightly faster Hobie, the Revo is a great choice. If you have experience with Kayaks the longer but narrower adventure seems to be the offshore kayak of choice for many.

    All the Hobies are great fishing platforms! My Hobie Outback setup:

    I ordered mine through Alaska Raft and Kayak who got it through the folks on CL.


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