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    A buddy is goin to get this on his 17' popcan. It currently has an old yamy 50 2 stroke. Just curious if anyone has any idea as to what the motor will burn? Pretty light load. I dont kno the details on his boat but the thing is light and a semi sure it will be a noticeable difference from his old 2 stroke. He appreciates it. Thanks guys

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    My friend has one on a 16' glassply and it doesn't burn hardly any fuel. In fact, his tank is now a throwable 5 gallon can and he tools around the lake all weekend on it. I would bet the 60 burns roughly half the gas the old 2 stroke did. Somehow, my 90 evinrude burns around 12 gallons per hour on my 16 foot glass boat @ 35 mph - go figure.....2 strokes love the gas.....

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    I've got a 60 yamah 4 stroke and the most it can burn is 4gph. Much less if you lay off the throttle. Unless that popcan has got a ton of stuff or is just a heavy boat, you are gonna fly in that thing. My 60 is a jet, on an 18ft lund, and it cruises at 25 mph with a good load 22 with a huge load and top end is 29 mph. Put that same rig on that boat with a prop and surely you are only limited by the pitch of your prop.....easily in the mid 30's.

    I'd tell him to buy a windshield.....or goggles.....


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