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The Alaska Board of Game (board) will meet March 15 19, 2013, in Kenai, Alaska at the Kenai Cultural Center, located at 11471 Kenai Spur Highway. The board will consider over 50 hunting and trapping regulation proposals for the Southcentral Region (Game Management Units [GMU] 6, 7, 8, 14C, and 15,) and additional topics and proposals.

The board meeting convenes Friday, March 15 at 8:30 AM, beginning with presentations by state and federal agencies on various topics including brown bear and moose research on the Kenai Peninsula. Upon conclusion of the presentations Friday afternoon, prior to public testimony, the board will conduct a work session with the public concerning management strategies for moose and brown bears on the Kenai Peninsula (Game Management Unit 15).

The board invites oral public testimony, scheduled to begin Saturday, March 16. Anyone wishing to testify before the board must sign up at the meeting location before Saturday at 2:00 pm. Public testimony will continue until everyone who has signed up has been given the opportunity to be heard. Deliberations on the proposals will follow public testimony and continue through the remainder of the meeting.

For more information, see the entire Press Release.

Listen to live audio of the meeting when it is in session at THIS LINK.

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