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Thread: catching herring bait while fishing Elfin Cove

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    Default catching herring bait while fishing Elfin Cove

    I have received so many valuable tips from many of you on this forum for my self guided trip in Elfin Cove and I want to thank you again.

    I have few more questions.

    1. Are there good spots to catch herring to be used as bait near Elfin Cove?

    2. I know slack tide is the preferred time for halibut fishing and that usually happens at high and low tide. However when you are fishing Icy Strait and there is lot of outgoing current, is there a slack tide at low tide? It seemed like at low tide there was lot of current as water flows out of Icy strait into the ocean. Being a novice boater, I was hesitant to anchor when there was so much current but got snagged too many times when I drifted. It seems like at Icy strait, slack tide only happens at high tide. I have not tried halibut fishing at high tide as I am usually fishing salmon.

    Thank you again for all your valuable insights. Torpedo

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    I have never found any good (consistent) spots for herring around Elfin Cove. Sometimes they are: 1) around the docks in the outer harbor, 2) south of Three Hill Island, 3) off of Deer Harbor in 150' of water, and 4) in North Inian Pass. The best I know of is Pt Adolphus, which still isn't very reliable and is over 20 miles away. If someone with me is determined to fish with herring I bring some with me rather than take the chance that I won't find any when I want them.

    There are high and low tides in Icy Strait. They don't coincide very closely with high slack and low slack tides because there is more than one outlet to the ocean and at times there is a lot of rainfall. Big tides also mean that the period of truly “slack” tide is short, in some places just a few minutes. You have several options: Plan your charter for a period of small tides, get better at anchoring and drift fishing in current, find less snaggy spots to drift fish, and find spots to anchor that are on the edge of fast current like the ledge just outside the entrance to Elfin Cove, Mud Bay, and the east side of Lemesurier Island on an incoming tide (GIVE THE CHARTERS PLENTY OF ROOM IF YOU ARE FISHING LEMESURIER ISLAND!). FWIW, I have tried the east side of Three Hill Island a couple of times and failed miserably.



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