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    I noticed a post earlier that discussed shooting hours and "moonlight" kills. The initial thread talked about seeing a moose in the roadway from a moving vehicle late in the evening. At the hour mentioned I'd assume the driver had his headlights on and thereby illuminated the moose before it left the roadway and was shot. Just thought I'd mention artificial light used in this manner is prohibited, even if it was incidental and the intent was not to locate a game animal for harvest. Also, for the person that posted the account, the statute of limitations on that type of violation has passed so criminal charges are not possible, but I think we should be careful when posting accounts. I'd hate for someone to document an unintentional violation on the forums and it give the group a black eye. Not trying to beat anyone up here, just making sure no one gets themselves into trouble and our reputaion is not tarnished.

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    Hi Roscoe,

    That was me who posted the account of shooting that moose that night. I see your point about not posting questionable hunting practices, intentional or unintentional. But I assure you, we did not use artifical light to take that moose. If you read my post again you will read that I thought it looked like someone waiving signs over thier head when I first saw it. That is because the moose was down the road quite a ways and was NOT illuminated by my head lights, if it was I would have known right away that it was a moose, especially a 60 inch bull!. I was driving my old 79 f-150 with the old fashioned headlights. The yellowish non-halogen ones! I suppose if the exact same situation happened with a brand new truck with better lights he may have been lit up pretty good. I didn't even realize it was a moose until my buddy hollered which was about the time it turned and bailed over the edge. Of course all this happened in a matter of seconds.

    At any rate, I do not condone ANY illegal hunting practices and we did not intentionally or unintentionally spot light that bull.



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