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Thread: 2013 Homer King Tourney Roll Call

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    Default 2013 Homer King Tourney Roll Call

    Ok, Jim. Your idea and there seems to be interest. So I'll take initiative and start. Who is in and maybe some info like boat name, how many rods, past success and potential side bets.

    I'm entering one rod. So far just entered the skunk bet. Don't have a boat name but registered under Hobie Outback Kayak which is what I will be fishing out of. Mine is the tan colored peddle (not paddle) drive kayak with the penn manual downrigger. First time ever in this tournament.

    I will say our group managed to enter a king in the Anchor Point derby two years go and I managed one the day of the derby last year but it was called off due to bad weather. I had a great time on a powerboat at the Fall Elks tournament so I'm back!

    Good luck to all and be safe!!

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    5 rods on the pole bender boat, Rudy, if you still want a ride across to the islands i am willing to play shuttle, at least one way.
    2nd is the best ever placement, couple of years with ZILCH, few in the 10 to 20 place range for prizes. always ready to get lucky!

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    Serenity will be out there. If you think you have a chance to catch fish, enter as many side bets as you can. Last year it paid off for us. Got the biggest fish and all of side bets we entered. And 2010 Serenity got 8th place and 21st. This will be our 4th year fishing the Tourney. We will be fishing 4 or 5 rods.


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    Little Queen will be there, also 4-5 rods. 3rd year in the derby and best finish was last year in 23rd place I think.

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    Skookum runs a mere 2 rods, but we landed 5 fish last year, the largest taking 19th place. When Ruth and I had an open skiff ("Cliffhanger") we entered maybe 5 tournaments and got skunked each year!

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    Uisce Beatha has three rods, and three rookies. Looking forward to learning a thing or two.


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