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Thread: Last Summer in Coffman Cove (pic heavy)

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    Default Last Summer in Coffman Cove (pic heavy)

    Now that winter is winding down I thought I'd make a post about last summers trip to CC just to nudge anyone that's on the fence about a trip there off of it. My Father in Law, Brother in Law, buddy, and I spent a week at Salmon Shores and had about as much fun as is possible with your pants on. I really didn't know where to place this post because we were able to fish the fresh and salt water as well as use our fly rods a bit. I had previously been there in 2009, and this won't be my last trip.

    We fished the first day with Lee Harper and the first order of business was making bait.

    With a few dozen fresh herring in the hold, we got to the business of halibut fishing, and the bite was fast and furious.

    in short order the limit of halibut was on board and we could turn our attention to salmon

    We were just shy of a salmon limit on day one, but we still had a lot of meat in the freezer and things were just getting started.
    The rest of the week we were on our own, and what followed was a whole lot of wacking and stacking. The bottom fishing was phenominal, and the salmon fishing kept us busy throughout the week.

    My buddy had these white foam boots he brought from Florida. Everyone in town gave him hell for them but he stuck to his guns and wore them all week.

    My favorite thing about POW is the variety of opportunity. We were able to fish the salt in the morning/early afternoon, and then hit a creek or lake with the bug rod after an early supper. The dollies, cutts, and rainbows kept our rods bent almost non stop. The dollies are pretty darn good eating as well. One limit on the first night took care of all the trout needs for our party. In a first for me, I had a coho jack take an elk hair caddis dead drifted on the surface.

    As our week drew to an end, we found ourselves with plenty of white meat, but lacking a bit in red meat. But as luck would have it on our last day, while exploring, we found a place loaded with coho that had no one fishing in it. We limited the boat in 1 1/2 hours and named it the coho dope spot.

    Our mission accomplished we were able to sight see a bit, and say goodbye to the neighbors.

    And take in one last SE Alaska sunset.

    It truly is an enchanted place. I can't wait to return.

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    Congrats. While I've never been there, I've read about many stories and watched plenty of videos of adventures at Coffman Cove. I hope to vistit there one day. Thanks for sharing your story.

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to get back out!
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    Great pictures and narrative, sure enjoyed your story! Yep...your are hooked on AK, and that's a beautiful place to enjoy it, haven't been there for about 20 years but glad to see it is still as fine as ever.

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    Congradulations on a great trip and thanks for the pics. Curious, when were you there (month) and how did you catch your Salmon? I was there 2 years ago and am going back this coming July. I like to mooch for salmon but it seems most troll out of CC. Any tips on self guided for salmon or halibut. Even though I have been there once, there is always stuff to learn. The school of hard nocks teaches well but the tuition is a ***** and easier to swallow when it's shared. Thanks!

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    We were there in July. We trolled mostly (both at the triplets and the north entrance to whale pass) with a little mooching thrown in for good measure. The boat we rented (18' hewes) had 2 downriggers so we would fish two rods on the rigger and one with a diver. We fished a combination of spoons, hoochies, and cut bait. Hoochies with fresh herring were our #1 producer, even producing our 1 keeper king for the week.


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