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Thread: Model 94 Winchester (rare) 25-35wcf?

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    Default Model 94 Winchester (rare) 25-35wcf?

    Hello, I have in my possession a Model '94 Winchester chambered in 25-35 wcf anyone have any info on this one? If I am reading right, this one is rare. The book says to add 300% to suggested price! That sound right?I sure would appreciate any help on this one.

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    There are 8 of them currently for sale on Gunbroker, so I'm not sure how "rare" that actually is. The bid prices are between $500 and $1500.

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    For me they're a prime shooter because I really like the round. Therefore I judge individual rifles by the condition of the bore and the tightness of the action. That runs kinda contrary to what the collector market is looking for. Most folks want them for safe queens and "investments." And yeah, they're pretty common in spite of what you saw written.

    Talk about rare, in one of its life forms in the last 10 years Winchester released a few modern 94's in 25-35, crossbolt safety and all. I got mine, but I don't know anyone else personally who is so lucky. To me it's the ultimate shooter because I'm not worried about depriving the world of another safe queen and can skuff it up any way I please. Might regret that choice someday if someone decides it's rare and "valuable," but I will have had years of shooting fun before that happens.


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