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Thread: Berry/Plant Harvesting

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    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd ask, What's your favorite berry/plant that you can harvest in Alaska and what time of the year does it come on. What do you use the plant for? New to Alaska so hoping to harvest some plants and berries next summer and fall. Thanks for your help!

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    Wildl blueberries would be my favorite. Depending on where you find them, some are ripe enough to pick in August but most are ready to pick in Sept (where we pick).

    With the blue berries, you'll often find a nice batch of Crow berries. ALSO known as moss berries, black berries, etc, etc..

    We use both berries for jams, jellies, pies, and wine.

    There are also ample wild raspberries to be found in south central AK.. They are pickable in Aug/sept... again, they are great for
    jams, jellies, pies and wine.

    be aware that you could find yourself sharing a good berry patch with a bear or two.. my advice is to leave them alone, go find yourself another patch.


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