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Thread: Used outboard Advice needed

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    Default Used outboard Advice needed

    I'm looking at buying a used kicker motor, and other than general condition and compression, is there anything else I should be looking for? What about brands? I'm looking at a Volvo Penta... Thanks

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    Something to think about with Volvo Penta (dad had a couple)... They were great motors, but parts can be hard to come by which equals expensive. IMO you can't go wrong with a Johnson/Evinrude for two stroke. If you are looking at 4-stroke, Honda and Yamaha take the prize from what I have heard.

    When looking at used, it would be a good idea to pop the gearcase lube screw in the lower unit and see if there are a lot of shavings (or any lube for that matter). If it starts easy, idles well, and the prop turns it will probably do well for you.

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    Default Good advise

    Thanks for the advice. I'm new but not totally green. Ya'll are great!


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