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    I met with a local welder here on Saturday and he mentioned a Russian made air heater to use on boats as an alternate to an Espar.
    He couldn't remember the name of it but I think it's called a Planar Air Heater. A company in Canada called AutoTerm carries 3 models and the smallest (11,000 btu) was listed for 619.00 Canadian.

    I googled it and found mention of it on some other forums and they seem to get high marks and decent customer service.

    Anyone hear of these units? I'm wrangling the purchase of a 26' aluminum boat and heat will be a "must have" addition so was leaning heavily towards an Espar but think I might be swayed, considering it might be 1/3 the cost.

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    I just purchased the Espar D4 for our new boat, it's at the post office this morning waiting for pick up.
    Last night I was reading on another forum (Aluminum Alloy Boats) about another heater called the "lil snuggler" and it's supposedly made by some ex-employees of Espar company. It also sounded like 1/2 the cost, etc....
    Had I know before I ordered I would have looked into this other option myself. Might be worth it......

    Heres the link :

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    I also have been researching these russian planar cabin heaters but havent found any information on the dependability of them. I am getting serious thoughts of purchasing one soon and giving it a whirl this year. I know, I know: You get what you pay for, but its either buy this heater or stay with the moisture producing Mr. Buddy. Which, by the way, could be a $100 bill towards a real heater. I am beginning to hate the fogged windows and moisture in the cabin. Sure, the old "crack the window" works if its not 33 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing/raining sideways in your face...which it always seems to be when I am out on the Sound. Any experience towards this russian made planar heater would be much appreciated! The Sound awaits us.


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