So instead of buying those overpriced clutch kits here is the best way to put one together .

Shims to lower your gearing up to 30% you can order from your Yamaha dealer Yamaha part#s:
90201-222FO #for.5mm
90201-225A4 #for 1mm They are also sold in some bearing or machine shops and are called arbor shims and the size you want are 20mmX35mmX1mm and 20mmX35mmX.5mm
They are also on ebay for $8.95 and you get two 1mm and one .5mm .

Now for new roller weights , Partshark has the lowest prices

14gr-$4.30 each listed under 2005 450 clutch parts
16gr-$6.22 each listed under 2000 600 clutch parts
18gr-$3.68 each listed under 2005 660 clutch parts

Also If onyone is interested in going greasless dr pulley sells a full set for $44.95

The s
econdary clutch springs are a very important part of the kit has them for 17.99 + shipping for a total of $32 to Alaska.

And for the wet clutch spring , these raise your engagement rpm up 500 rpm to get you in the power band quicker . These are available at Hauck powersports for $36 .