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Thread: Accessing Russian River from road

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    Default Accessing Russian River from road

    I'll be passing by the Russian and will only have enough time to stop and fish for a while if I don't have to go through the pay booth and ferry. If there are spots on the road to pull over, is there anyplace I can walk down to the river that's fishable?

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    There's a spot about a mile or 2 past the Ferry exit, it's where the river makes a sharp bend towards the road and you can see the end of the big cut bank on the other side. I've seen people catch fish there many times.

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    There is no road access to the Russian except for the campground parking lot, or trailhead lot (still in the campground). Anything past the ferry is the Kenai. You can park outside the campground and walk in on foot, which is a good walk.

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    True but if he wants to catch reds on the road side of where the Russian and Kenai flow that would be about the best spot.

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    Default Russian road access...

    To add to AKHunter's post...

    If I recall correctly... there are 2 or 3 pull-offs immediately downriver of the ferry before the bend AKHunter mentioned. I've walked two of them (short walks) and had very good luck with reds.

    It's thick brush (saw a HUGE black bear cross the highway to that area last weekend), so make lots of noise to scare away any bruins as you're hiking in.

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    Default Kenai

    You're right. I shouldn't have specified Russian. Kenai works for me.


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