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Thread: Fairbanks flood areas, buy in winter?

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    Default Fairbanks flood areas, buy in winter?

    I had a couple questions and was hoping to pick your brains, we are arriving to Fairbanks the first or 2nd week of December. And I'd like to get a house bought as soon as possible, what do you think about buying a house in the winter time?

    I found a couple houses online that I have been e-scouting in Fairbanks and North Pole. One looks really good as I think we could end up with enough room for parents for the summer if they decided to spend it with us.

    There are a couple that are slough, river or small lake (little aircraft runway lakes) side.

    What is the highest high water market for a spring flood in Fairbanks?

    I survived a spring flood in Wyoming on the little wind river as a kid. Our entire house and lively hood were destroyed, kind of hoping to not ever live through that again.

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    From my experience, since building the flood control project, the area around Fairbanks and North Pole is a safe bet as far as flooding is concerned. Avoid lowlands in the Rosie Creek area and also the Old Richardson Highway area in Salcha which flood every year like clockwork.

    One concern about winter time buying is not being able to inspect the ground for permafrost. If necessary you can use trees for a guide on the ground below. Large Birch and Spruce tress typically mean good ground. Small, stunted spruce aka pecker poles typically mean permafrost.

    If you'd like to, PM me and I'll give you the name of a reputable and knowledgeable 'buyers realtor' who is very familiar with Fairbanks and could answer other questions that may arise. Always feels good to have someone on your side.
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    If you get a place up in the hills you won't have to worry about floods and it can be significantly warmer during the winter at higher elevations (less smokey too) It sounds like you're probably already there, but google earth has a surprising amount of the Fairbanks area on street view. Like the previous poster suggested, you can tell quite a bit from the vegetation....Louis
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    Thanks, again. Pecker Poles, is that in the "Cheechako Handbook"?.

    I'll look for big trees, I hadn't thought of that before.

    We are really excited.


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