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Thread: Game Cam eaten?

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    Default Game Cam eaten?

    As a new soldier to the area, this is my first bear baiting season. After setting up my site I attached my permit and game cam to their respective trees, and when I returned a week later, the permit, game cam and stink bait were completely gone. I looked around for 90 minutes for any sign but with no luck. There were fresh claw marks on the tree where bait was hanging and my logs were knocked over. I was given this site from a Alaskan resident who built it, but had not hunted it in a few years. There was a 50 gallon drum at the site when I initially scouted - what do you think? Bear or some unethical hunter?

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    Based on the info you provided my opinion is that a bear is probably the culprit. It sounds like your sure a that a bear was at your stand and tore things up quite a bit. My guess is that while the bear was rooting around and tearing up the place he got a hold of the camera and carried it off to chew on it. Kind of like a puppy chewing on your sneakers. If your scent was still on the camera, he may have been attracted to it as well.

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    sounds like you handled the bait before the cam and permit. Bears nose is amazing

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    Default bear

    for several years in a row The first time I got a hit on my bait my permit and signs would also be tore up or eaten then I got the bright idea maybe I should hang the permits first before setting the bait havent had my signs tore up since.

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    A few years back we had left a brand new bow saw on the trail on the way into the bait, planning on clearing the trail a little better. A couple days later, it was gone and we thought it was stolen...until we spotted it in the brush a few yards off the trail. It had some pretty good tooth marks on it. If an all metal, very sharp bowsaw is something good to chew on, I'd imagine your camera might have been quite the tasty treat.

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    Yelp, I'd say you just need to get better at scent control. Back before the game cam craze, I made my own "home brew" cam out of a 35mm cam, rechargable battery, motion sensor and timer. I wired it all up and housed it into a 9mm ammo can. Once placed out on the site, I chained the ammo can to a tree and used an atv strap to cinch it down snug to the tree. I had some curious bears, but none of them ever declared war on the ammo can. Maybe something to think about in the future...enclosing a store bought cam inside an ammo can.

    Another thing besides sound scent control is something you can't quite help unless your shooting digital and that is the odor of film. My understanding is bears love the smell of film.

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    Question bravo

    You mentioned that there was 50 gal drum there when you first started scouting. Did the barrel disappear or still there? If gone...not just moved around a little, then you know the answer...someone's messin with you. Hope that's not the case as was that other thread awhile back. Good luck.

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    I left a can of bug spray in my stand, the next day it was empty when I went to use it! It had been bitten by yogi. I am sure that if it had not tasted so bad that it would not have been left behind. They love to eat and chew on anything!

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    Thank you for the replies - to add some more info. April 15 I posted my permit and when I returned a week later to bait, I ran into two other hunters, (both soldiers) making a ground stand about 100 meters from my stand. There were polite, and asked about sharing the my stand, but I told them that I wasn't really comfortable with that and asked them to move. Which they did - but when I returned the second time to check that's when all my equipment was missing. So, hopefully it was bears -

    By the way, checked yesterday and bait had definetly been hit!

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    Sounds like two hunter's might have a new barrel and cam.

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    Default agree with Tsteve

    I agree. I thought that when you first posted, but wanted to see what you came up with. NO way a bear is going to drag a barrel off where you can't find it in a normal circumstance. I find things sometimes 50 yards away.

    Good luck, sounds like you have a little interference where you are at. Hope it all works out.

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    Default Ooooops!

    Looks like someone got a free game cam! I highly doubt it was a bear that took it. Mine gets slapped around a bit, and I have to straighten it out now and then, but a bear isnt going to chew through the cable and lock I have on it which keeps it to the tree. Unethical hunter's on the other hand, have the means to get it and go!
    What did you have it secured with?
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