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Thread: Winchester 100 vs. Remington 7400, etc.

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    Default Winchester 100 vs. Remington 7400, etc.

    Have been thinking of a 30 cal rifle, mostly for my 12 yr old girl to shoot. The idea of a semi auto seemed good. Possibly slightly less recoil.
    The 7400 is available in 308 and 30-06 and also in a carbine. Kinda like the carbine idea. Also like the 30-06 as I already have a bolt gun of mine in that cal. Gunbroker has some reasonably priced ones.
    The Win 100 is only available in 308 for 30 cal. No carbines either, that I see. Buttload of them on gunbroker presently in 308. Probably could get one at a good price. Most all with 22 in. barrels. I have an 88 which the kid thinks is too heavy. Tho shooting it standing would likely be rare.
    Does either gun have a better rep for reliability?
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    You can find good and bad individuals in both models. The most common problem I've seen in the 100's is faulty mags leading to feeding issues. Problem is, the magazines are hard to find and not cheap.

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    I loved the old Winchesters and have owed the 100 and rem740.I would take the 740 even knowing it can be a problem for reloaders.

    Also the rems are easy to swap barrels and calibers.
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    Rem 760 and 7400 problems I have had are all with the magazines. If you have a good one, then you are good to go. The after market ones have all been crap. 2/3 of the Rem magazines were fine. Handloading requires some tinkering to get just the right load to cycle the bolt, then you work on accuracy. Both my rifles are 200fps or more under book velocity for the load according to nosler. They are also a bit cumbersome to load, unload. They are handy to shoot and shave off some recoil. I always bring mine out when I plan on plinking in the woods. I used it as a boat gun and a backup rifle on a couple of hunts, but went with a lever gun for ease of use and reliability. I would be hesitant to give that gun to a novice shooter because of the several steps to load/unload. A bolt is safer and easier. Just my .02.

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    Have you considered a BAR? I have 2 friends that have them, both are in 30/06. I have shot them both. They soak up recoil and have nice triggers.

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    The several 7400s I've messed with were pretty sketchy- unimpressive accuracy and unreliable cycling. Supposedly the newer 750s are better but I've yet to shoot one.

    The BARs I've messed with were outstanding and the Benelli R1 has a pretty good reputation as well- of course both run toward the spendy end.
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