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Thread: Whittier Winter Time Fishing Obstacle

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    Default Whittier Winter Time Fishing Obstacle

    There was a thread a while back which discussed the winter time issues encountered in boating/fishing out of Whittier in the winter time - icy ramp, freezing spray, winter road conditions, etc. I added one other to the thread by posting information on an avalanche that came down near the tunnel. Someone replied, that always comes down but never hits the road. Don't worry about it.

    Yesterday, the road through Portage was closed due to this event:
    Natural avalanche in Portage Valley (5 Fingers path) Wednesday morning that
    covered both lanes of the road for about 350. Debris was 5-6 deep and took
    out several trees. (see photo below) Weak layer is very likely the late January
    facet/ crust combo.

    Here is a link to the event:

    While the probability of getting hit in your truck are extremely low, Portage Valley in the winter time can be a dangerous place due to HUGE volume of snow they get at upper elevations. While Girdwood has received 500+ inches of snow this winter above 2000', Portage Valley typically gets more snow due to its closer proximity to PWS.

    I would use as a general rule of thumb, if DOT is performing avalanche mitigation on the Seward Highway, stay out of Portage Valley.

    OK, I am off my soap box. Carry on.


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    Thanks for posting. I remember said thread.
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    Fallout, pun intended, from latest snow storm cycle in South Central Alaska. This morning's Cugach Avalanche Forecast Center Advisory:

    Avalanche activity from yesterday:
    We don't have a lot of information on yesterday's activity due to low visibility. What we do know is there were several naturally occurring medium sized avalanches in the Girdwood Valley due to heavy snowfall and wind that occurred mid-day. In Whittier there was a natural avalanche that hit and closed the Whittier tunnel (on the east portal, Whittier side). Last, on my field day to Turnagain Pass, small human triggered slabs and large sluffs were seen.

    The Sound, expecially the eastern side got hammered by this last storm with Valdez receiving 53" in 48 hours.

    Carry on...



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