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Thread: Yukon River, Which boat to take

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    I posted this under hunting then realized I might get a better response here. So I have three boats. A 23 foot by 8 ft Svendsen Marine Kodiak Setnet Skiff with a 70hp yamaha, an old town discovery 17ft with 6hp suzuki, and a 16ft lowe tunnel hull with an etec 50hp jet. I would like to hunt moose this year and I've been thinking the Yukon. Most likely out of Circle. A friend of mine has killed a moose every year there going up river with a square stern canoe. So my first question is what boat should I take? I think the lowe is the best way to go but If the water is deep I sure like the carrying capacity of my Svendsen. I haven't been on the Yukon before so I'm not sure the water conditions. I do pack light and don't mind making trips, so is the lowe the best route? Last of all I have gone up the Big Sue and into the Deshka with the canoe so Im very comfortable with it. Would I be better off taking the canoe and motoring up and doing a float hunt down? I know I can paddle the canoe with a heavy load and that it can carry a heavy load because I have done it multiple times.

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    Take the svendsen. I am familiar with them. I used to have a 16' seaark jet tunnel with a 50hp jet and it wouldn't be enough for a moose. Now I have an 1860 seaark jet tunnel with a 90 jet and that would be good. I have spent time on the Yukon around Stevens village and they used 20-24 Jon boats with props so the svendsen prop is gonna be fine.


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    Put the 6hp and old town into the Svendsen, get out on the Yukon and up a trib, close to where you really need to be but can't get there without boat-peril, then switch to the old town, possibly taking two meat run trips back to your base craft before reloading the old town back into the Svendsen for the victory march on home. (gotta think positive)


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