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Thread: Hiked/snowshoed Purintan Valley trail today... (sort - of)

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    Default Hiked/snowshoed Purintan Valley trail today... (sort - of)

    My curiosity is piqued. I don't know what it is, but I always want to know the names of landmarks I have been to. I went hiking today with a friend. We had planned to hike The Purintan Valley trail about two hours in and two hours back, but after looking at Google maps, it's obvious we got off the actual trail right at the start. It was still a good day though. We didn't have a lot of time, but put in just over 6 miles.

    We walked along a snowmachine trail most of the way, and wound up walking across a lake (circled in the pic) that had several cabins built along it's shore. One was occupied, and someone was getting ready to ride a snowmachine as we walked by. On the way back, we picked the wrong snowmachine trail. It's a good thing we had snowshoes, because we had to cross two hill tops to get back to our trail through snow that was knee - deep even with snowshoes. Talk about a work - out!

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows the name of the lake circled in the picture. The trail head is right at mile 89 on the Glenn HWY. We got off the trail and walked northwest along the snowmachine trail that took us to the lake.
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    Sounds like somebody needs to ask Santa for a gps this year! Just kiddin', trails are overrated. I got some 'shoein' in today as well, it was absolutely goah-geous!
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    The people who have cabins on the lake call it Spider Lake. We had always referred to it as Hugh's Lake, after Hugh White who had the original cabin on that lake many years ago.


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