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Thread: Spring Bear Hunt.. SW AK

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    Default Spring Bear Hunt.. SW AK

    My brother and I are looking for a SW AK brown bear hunt.. Perhaps out of Bethel or Dillingham, leaning towards Bay Air out of Dillingham. (the maul on wheels) We'd like to do a backpack style hunt, with hiking/glassing of open areas. Looking at early May in 2014.

    Anybody have any suggestions, or have done something similar? We are looking at the Kanektok River area, as well as the Kulukak Bay area. We aren't trophy hunters, just two brothers looking for an adventure with a shot at some decent boars. Feel free to PM me.

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    depending on the year you might be in snow for some of that or most of it. not sure where bay air lands, check with the local bio on denning areas. early to mid may is great for boars chasing sows and they will often cover LOTS of ground. they are not bears like you typically find on the ak pen or kodiak, drop a foot of that and you've got a decent idea. a 9 foot bear would be a great bear..there are 10s just like everywhere else but its not AS common. ninefoot would be able to tell you more about that area, he guides over there and would have some early may info for you...
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    I lived in Dillingham for a while and did this hunt a few times in Kulukak. Very fun hunt but requires a bit of timing, there are always bears in the area but there were days when we counted between 10-15 different bears per day but also days where we didn't see any. Shoot me a pm if you get a chance. I took one with bow and buddy shot a 9' with the rifle on the same trip.

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    Thumbs up Bears out of Bethel

    Either Papa Bear,, or Renfro's,, both out of Bethel, could fix you up. I did a DIY caribou hunt with PaPa Bear before the ADFG shut down that part of the state to non-residents and I was very pleased. We saw plenty of bear sign, some VERY fresh. We didn't see any bears, but since I got my caribou early we didn't spend a lot of time glassing.

    I've also communicated with and researched Renfro's. If I ever got to where I could afford a guided hunt for bears, I'd probably go with Renfro's over any place in the state. Reasonable prices, lot's of bears out that way, and they sure would like the help reducing the bears to help with the caribou and moose herds.

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    270, hey man I have some ideas for you. We've hunted out there for brownies and caribou 4 times now though always in the fall. Always got bears and bou (bou even after the crash), I have experience with Renfros, Tom at Bay Air, and Papa Bear. Call me if you like 329-2043 and I can give you all my info and intel. I have a bear fence I made for out there nd never lost an once of meat after suing it, you're more than welcome to that as well.
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    I've spent some time out there but like Gooch its been in the fall.I'll chat with you about it when I pickup the boat in a day or two.

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    270, my email is I couldn't respond to your visitor message. Don't konw when I'll be able to send and receive private messages.


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