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Thread: Black Bear Bait Stand - First Timer

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    Alright guys, I've done a fair amount of hunting here in interior AK, but never black bear baited. Would like to know some tricks and tips if possible if anyone on here is willing to give them out.

    Any things I need to be aware in the regulations that I may possibly not intrepret correctly due to wordsmithing? Sometimes those regs just aren't real clear. Plan on hunting interior, out of Fairbanks. Have boat as well 4 wheelers, not sure which path I will take. Son is now interested in doing the bait stand.

    Most people actually use tree stands to sit up in and view. Wondering if that is really worth the time an effort. Some areas I'm thinking about there are lots of spruce, but nothing super big, more of the smaller black spruce.

    Baits stand setup? 55 gallon drum with some small holes in it so food can fall out...such as dog food? I've been storing cooking greases but not sure that is legal to use. I imagine the regs will state such? Starting to save any leftover foodscraps and ask around at restuarants on some of there stuff. Popcorn? Anyone hang stuff from tree branches? Whats the best method? On the ground with the drum or hanging from the tree? I've seen it both ways on YouTube. Thanks for responding.

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    I would stay away from the grease or any cooking oil as it can be a pain to cleanup if any makes it outside the barrel. Any contaminated soil has to be brought out with you per the regs. I've had a lot of brown bears come into the bait when using dog food. I think stuff like popcorn, old pastries, sweets, stuff like that is the best for targeting black bears.

    Bait Em 907 has a bunch of good products that are worth trying. The scent balls are fantastic and can be found at Sportsman's Warehouse, etc.

    I'd also look at setting up a game cam as well. Finding a suitable location for one can be tricky, though, as I have lost a couple to curious bears. I've only used tree stands, so no experience in regards to ground blinds.

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    I find the selection process is better from a tree stand. I use mostly popcorn that I pop in used grease. That eliminates the spillage to the ground and the bears love it. The scent balls from Bait Em 907 should work well. I haven't used one yet. I always hang a small burlap sack with some kind of grain type substance saturated with honey or occasionally grease. Depends on the area and the species in the area. If there is a chance of griz in the area stay away from meats or rotting smells. Rotten meat will bring in a griz from miles away. I set up a new area last year only using grains and popcorn popped in used cooking oils and had a few blackies visiting daily. I got a meat bear on the 23 of June last year but was mostly trying to get the area established. Looking forward to getting out there in April. Wont be long now. And don't make your hole too big in the barrel or it goes too fast. Keep them coming back for more.
    Good luck,
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    I have taken a lot of bears, more than 20 and everyone who has ever taken one will have a say what is the best bait, etc. I have found at least for me different areas required me to use different tricks. When there is a water source nearby I use less wet types of bates. My last stand was several miles from a water source, I used a couple of jugs of koolaide and put that in my 55 gal drum on its side. I bought a three pack of spray bottles from Sam's Club, filled one with vanilla extract, one with anise and the last with syrup. I am on a south facing, 30 degree slope and the prevailing wind cuts cross slope where I am at. I climb the trees and spray as high as I can and allow the scent to carry away from the stand. I hang about a dozen of those cheap pine tree car fresheners, in cherry, blueberry, etc all around. I pray that you have an enjoyable, safe and successful hunt my brother. John

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