Finally, getting chance to build the boat I want for the interior here. Am building up an 1860V, tunnel. Outfitting with E-Tec-130HP. Full cross 3-window console, 35g aluminum bow tank. All waterproof black plywood decking. Don't have a canvas lines up just yet, but am working on the build I want. Probably not until next year. Should be a great skinny water boat. 6 year warranty on ETec 2012 model. Got considerable discount on the motor right out of the crate. Jet unit add's some coin, but I'll have the jet to run primarily and then the prop unit which comes with the engine anyway.

Anyone else with the 1860V? Brother in law has one with Johnson 2-stroke 115 as well. I like the Honda and Yamaha 4-strokes, but heavier and just don't have the snort that the E-Tec or most other 2 stroke comparable motors. Let me know your thoughts. Like to know others experience with the E-Tec motor, preferably the 130Hp, any maintenance "gotcha's", tips, tricks, etc.

I use the Chena, Tanana, Yukon, Gulkana, Salcha rivers primarily here in the interior. I go to Valdez twice a summer as well and know this boat will do fine down there. Typically don't go past Sawmill and this boat should zip right out there. Have seen less of boats go out much further.