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Thread: Your First Boat,...still got a pic, for memories' sake,...??

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    Default Your First Boat,...still got a pic, for memories' sake,...??

    So, as I'm diggin' through my photo archives, scanning old pics

    I thought this might be a cool thread idea,...Everybody has a photo of that, "First Boat," right ??

    I'll go with the, "Absolute First," the Power category, for me, I dove into Power Boating,... 1985 I think it was,
    with this Fine, 12' Zodiac, MKII, with 35 hp of Mercury Power, bolted on,...
    "Hang On to your hat,"....well, might as well just take it off, put it in your pocket,..."On Step, in .05 seconds,..."

    Man the stories I could tell, of cruising the Kodiak Archipelago with this one, All Weather,..
    even towed a waterskier behind it a few times, out between Halibut openers in the Aleutian Islands

    (sorry for the poor quality scans, still working on some of those)

    Then, my first job, as "Owner/Operator,"
    I got away from the big boat mania out in the Bering Sea,...
    to dive into this project, a 1964 Bryant, Wood Bristol Bay Special,...started that in July of 1995

    I'll start with a "Before," shot,... for the shock factor

    (what was I thinking,...???,....$3,500 cash, outright, I think it was,
    and I just love those wood boats, Restorable ,...

    I actually fished that for 5 years, Hard,...made a little bit of money with it,...
    something like a 10,000% return on my investment, in Fish Sales Proceeds ( if my math is good,...)
    Here's the Later Years,...before I sold it for $8,000
    The Big Ole, Naturally Aspirated Caterpillar 3208 down below my wheelhouse chair, had a lot to do with that
    what a great engine that was,...(in 5yrs, never more than an oil change, seriously)

    and received more in Peace of Mind, than money could Ever Buy,...Awww, those were the days

    Anyone else have some Memories, stashed away ??
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !

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    C-Dory 22 Cruiser. Found her at a 1991 boat show here in Utah, and five years later spent the summer cruising SE Alaska. What a great little cruiser, especially as a first boat!
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    28' Peterson skiff cedar on oak w/a 350 Chevy in it. I was 17 and in hog heaven. 5 years later had the 35' St Pat built brand new w/a Johnson & Towers souped up 6-71 in it. Gillnetted and lobstered with both of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiakrain View Post
    ,... 1985 I think it was,
    with this Fine, 12' Zodiac, MKII, with 35 hp of Mercury Power, bolted on,...
    "Hang On to your hat,"....well, might as well just take it off, put it in your pocket,..."On Step, in .05 seconds,..."
    Lmao yeah, 35hp on a 12' inflatable'll pop a wheelie, alright! My dad bought a 14' Achilles with aluminum floor and 35 horse Suzuki in the 90s; talk about a perfect Alaska hunting boat! Safe, seaworthy, easy on gas, can get in places other boats can't. Been all over in that little rubber ducky, Kachemak bay, down the Yukon, Tustumena, etc. My old man towed it down to Afognak and Kodiak a couple years ago, had a ball.
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    Mine was an old 1981 Zodiac. 15'9" with a Yamaha 40 HP Jet. What a great river runner. It sure hauled a lot of caribou up and down the Ivashak and plenty of halibut from Deep Creek.

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    Zodiac Mark II GT Compact with aluminum floors powered by a 40hp Suzuki, circa 1982. Bought in Fairbanks originally equipped with a 25hp Suzuki than upgraded to a 40hp for waterskiing; transom was actually rated for the 40. Great little boat for waterskiing, could ski all day on 5 gallons of gas. I spent a couple great summers in Fairbanks drinking beer and water skiing in the 80 degree sunshine.

    Had to scan this picture from an old photo album, its not the best quality.

    The boat weighed in at about 150lbs wet, single handling with the 2 stroke 40 was a blast.

    Always proud to fly the Zodiac Flag on the bow, not sure what that was all about.

    After moving back to Seward I took this little boat all over Resurrection bay, would pond the dickens out of yea in the chop but always get me home.
    07 C-Dory 25 Cruiser

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    1977 Bayliner Saratoga. Bought it in 1995 in Juneau. Man I put some $$ in that thing. Loved the hull, but that 350 sucked some serious gas. Caught a lot of big fish on her, she was named "Ms. Adventures". Lots of great memories fishing Icy Straits and Cross Sound and right outside Angoon. Sold it in 2005 and bought the Sea Sport.

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