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    Curious to hear from folks who may have leased a slip at Cliffside Marina. What worked and what didnt.
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    I've keep my boat at Cliffside for several years, and have been extremely happy there. There are usually a handful of slips available for lease, with prices and contact info listed on the website at Cliffside Marina dot org slash slips. The marina operations manager, Mike Blonski, is an extremely personable and professional fellow who helps ensure a good experience for owners and lease-holders alike. The property manager for the marina, Bob Kirn of Klondike Property Management, does a fantastic job with all the behind-the-scenes business aspects of keeping the operation running smoothly.

    If you have specific questions about anything having to do with Cliffside Marina, please post them here or PM me and I'll be glad to answer, or help direct you to the person who can give you the information you need.

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    Disclosure: I am a member of the Cliffisde Marina board of directors, but the options expressed in this thread are my own.
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