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Thread: Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 advice

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    Default Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 advice

    Is the 11-33X50 powerful enough for sheep hunting? I don't know if the quality of the razor hd line outweighs the smallness of the scope to make it all come together. The compactness makes it real attractive(10.3" at 25oz for angled). A short backround on myself, I'm the dummy that has packed out moose quarters 4.5 miles in the dark so I don't mind hiking an extra mile or so to get a little closer. Thanks

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    The Vortex razor HD glass is very good glass for the $$. That being said, personally I would want a little more power for sheep hunting (20x60), not that it can't be done with what you are looking at but if your going to bite the bullet, do it right the first time......

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    I saw this scope is just introduced. It certainly looks attractive for a walk in trip. I use a 15-45 and the upper end of the power range is frequently unusable due to mirage. Something to consider before packing a heavier scope. The lack of higher power will require a closer look on marginal rams however- only you can determine if it's an appropriate trade off.

    I recently picked up some Vortex HD binos and I'm quite impressed at the quality for the price point these are sold at.
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