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Thread: Moose Pass / Seward

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    Default Moose Pass / Seward

    Any places to shoot in Moose Pass or Seward? Going down this weekend and wanting to do some firing off of some ammo. Thanks.

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    I go camping and shooting in between Moose Pass and Seward. Just after going around the Southern end Kenai Lake towards Seward there is a train bridge about 6 miles from there on the left side of the road. You'll pull off the main road and drive down to a gate next to the train bridge and you can shoot next to the river into the dirt piles. It's a perfect place to camp and shoot. I've shot there with the local police so I know it's ok and at the same time, it's a great place to pick up brass.

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    There is a gun range in Seward but you have to be a member to get through the locked gate. I see people shooting quite often around mile 14 right where you can see the railroad trestle crossing Snow River. There is a big gravel pile there for a backstop. I believe this is native land. Folks also shoot up near mile 35ish, there are some state gravel pits up there. It's to bad that there isn't really any good places to shoot down this way.
    Have fun.


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