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Thread: Grey water systems?

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    Default Grey water systems?

    Any body here run a grey water system? I would only be running sauna, shower / bathtub, and sink at first long term plans would include a washing machine but i't be a few years. Basically It would need run a bath / utillity house untill we get the money together for the house / cabin. I do plan on takeing the DEC homeowner class, but was hoping to have seperate systems. Again I'm just in the planning stages of all this. Any advise?


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    It would probably be cheaper in the long run just to install the onsite domestic system now. Those on-site systems are designed to handle both grey and black water from the house. Having a greywater system won't exempt you from needing at least 1000 gallons of capacity in your onsite system. I'd say just pony up the $10K for the full system and be set-up for the house later on.

    Also keep in mind that greywater and blackwater are regulated by DEC as domestic waste in the regulations.
    I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.


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