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    I ordered a "med duty suspension" seat system from Hewes today. I have to remove the stock seat and cut a few inches off the box it sets on then attach the new system to the seat and the box. The nice lady I talked to said she will send me directions. I will need them! I have never cared for the stock Hewes seats. So it is a $ 230.00 deal plus shipping. They have another seat that sounds like a tractor air ride for a mere $1,200.00! I will let you know the results.

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    Very interested in the results. Not a huge fan of the stock seats. Crazy how they put those nice suspension seats in the big Jet Boats but not in the Hewes that will be rocking and rolling!
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    I recently built a pair of suspension seat mounts for my boat. Maiden voyage was saturday out of Whittier. They made a world of difference in the ride to say the least. Yes the water was very calm but there are boats large enough to make wakes for testing. I am considering manufacturing them because I know they will cost much less than those $1200 models. I would be interested in what your getting for $230. Got a picture, link or anything?

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    I have been considering suspension seats ever since I bought my Hewescraft in 2003. I have been turned off by the price, though. Do you have any information on the $230 suspension seats from Hewescraft? Manufacturer, pictures, website, anything? I want to check these out.


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    You will be very pleased with your suspension seats, The heavy duty seats that you mentioned are worth every penny. I have spent a lot of hours on the heavy duty seats and I wouldn't hesitate dropping that kind of cash for them. The way I see it you'll either pay for nice suspension seats up front or a hefty chiropractor bill in the end.

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    Default Hewes seat

    If you go to Hewes web site and click options/accessories you will see a picture of the "medium duty suspension" seat. It does not show much. They carry more stuff then the web site shows. It is $232.00 and the arm rests are $18.00. If you are interested I suggest you call their toll free number and talk to them. My existing seat is susposed to work with it after I cut the box down. The seat for the driver of those Ak. Searunners sits pretty far forward on the boat and that is where the roughest ride is so a better seat should help. If I was rich I would go for one of the fancy air ride seats.


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