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Thread: New to bear hunting

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    Default New to bear hunting

    Hi I am new to the forums and have learned quite a bit in my short time here. My friend and I are looking to do a black bear hunt end of may/early june. We were looking in 15c, but can't decide on where to go. I was hoping someone might have a few suggestions on where to go in that area.

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    Im not real familiar with 15C so I cant help you there. Last year about this time some freinds of mine were on kenai lake in a boat and saw a few bears on the hilsides.
    Seems to me in the spring time, the bears come right off the mountains into the lowlands to eat grasses. This means they are usually in forests and that makes them pretty hard to spot.
    Maybe float the upper kenai or some other river. That would be how id do it with out baiting. However I dont know how productive that would be either.

    All I know is I used to hike up some really nice ridges in the spring only to find that the bears werent there, they were there in the fall though.

    Anyway, I got bait certified and now look forward to some action each spring.


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