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Thread: Mud motor on zodiac?

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    Default Mud motor on zodiac?

    Anyone ever put a mud motor on a zodiac? I have a 10' zodiac that I use for my tender boat and was wondering if it would work. Also with the propulsion being so far back would you be able to run a bigger motor on it being that it will push it on step. I have an 8hp motor for it and if I am alone I have to throw my weight forward to get the bow down. I would think with the prop pushing from so far back it may go on step easier and I may be able to run a 12-16hp motor on it. The weight is not much more than the small outboard I have on it now.

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    I would check to make sure that when you turn all the way to one side that the prop or shaft wouldn't conflict with the tail end of the pontoon from the raft. Would hate to tear into the pontoon when you try to maneuver up to your bigger boat. Personally, I would stick with a standard outboard, maybe look for a 2-stroke 15hp to keep the weight down compared to a 4-stroke.

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    Mud motor on zodiac?

    What is your intent? Is it to protect the prop from nets,rocks, shallow water, or?? Have u considered a prop protector of some sort? I remember several threads regarding such things. I have a skeg protector on my Achilles. Helps in shallow water.
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    I don't think your issue is lack of hp, it's just that small inflatables are very light and when you put alot of weight aft i.e. passanger and motor the balance make's it difficult to get the hull on step. I also have a 10' inflatable with an 8 horse and it has enough power to get on step, but certainly moving forward helps out. I haven't tried a larger engine but it seems on my boat that the combined weight of the engine, fuel, passenger(s) and gear should be kept to 400#'s or under or you aren't going to get on step. Pumping up the hull hard also helps alot. I've debated getting a 10 horse as my inflatable is rated for 10 horse and 25% more power should certainly help out.

    I'd be careful about overpowering a small inflatable or doing things that will otherwise throw the balance further aft. What might seem like just a little bit more power or weight can make for a squirly little boat. Assuming the boat is rated for 10hp, then going 20-60% additional power might make for some bad behaviour.
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    Have a 10ft zodiac as well and have ran it as a tender boat with my 2stroke 15hp...gas tank up front and squirly is an takes just a sec to get on step and hauls ass...but one slight miscalculated move and you are toast. Just glad I attached the kill switch bracket

    Can't imagine putting a mud motor on it...have one of those as well but never considered it due to weight and steering issues.
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