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    Drew a party hunt with my wife. She is taking her rifle and I'm thinking no time better to go after one with a bow. Has anyone else gone on this hunt with their bow? Already called 40mile have sept4th-14th locked in, no area yet. Just like to hear any hunt storys.

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    I met a guy last year who had killed several sheep exclusively with archery tackle. One thing he mentioned is that you not only have to get close, but you have to be in just the right conditions to draw and fire.

    I am thinking of taking my bow (but rifle as a backup plan) this year.

    Last year we were relatively close to tma on our first sheep hunt. We did a really long approach on a bedded ram and got to approximately 125 yards. While my buddy was setting up for a shot, the ram disappeared and I thought we were busted. That ram had been bedded for about 5 hours in the middle of the day and got up to feed. Long story short, we walked to where he had been bedded and scanned the whole area - the ram was 25 yards, facing away. I am fairly confident he could have let the air out of that ram with bow where he was at, but 10 minutes earlier we would not have stood a chance. Either way, got it done with a 308.

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