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Thread: .5 grain difference

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    Default .5 grain difference

    I picked up a Kimber Montana in a 7mm-08 a few months ago and it had issues from the factory. I sent it back and they returned it with in a month. I decided to shoot 120gr TTSX out of this rifle and use it for sheep and bou hunting. I started with the leads .050 off of the lands and i usaully work up in .5 grain increments from starting load till I get to the maximum load and maybe i will load past that, but usually my loads wont shoot that well when I try to make them hot. I went out today and the rifle was shooting from 1.75 to 1.25 groups, then when I got to 43 grains it went to .6 and then at 43.5 it opened back up to a 1.25. I have to reshoot this load just to make sure, but stuff like this sure makes hand loading fun.

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    Sounds like you found a sweet spot in your barrel....being able to fine tune a rifle is always what I have loved about reloading. I think sometimes I buy rifles just so I can search for that special golden grail of gun bullet combo. I know I'm a sick man but we all have issues


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