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    I went out to upper six mile on Saturday, just me and the dog. Sat in about 8 fow for 4 hours or so, jigging, never had a bite. Anyone do any good on that lake? I have seen big ones in there and I know they stock it, but haven't had any luck on it the last 2 times I was out there.
    My buddy and I went to clunie lake today and caught a whole mess of little 6-10" salmon and one 14" char. Had fun, but was really hoping to hook into one of the resident monsters. Oh well, maybe next time.

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    upper sixmile is a small lake an fished hard they put 200 a 198 is caught 2 left over if you go in there in the spring you will see a couple of fish
    crusing around , try the other lakes they will have more fish I think Green . hillburg , triangle, fish , spring , they all have fish an you don't have to go as far as you did for Clunie


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