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Thread: Can an aluminum top make your boat too top heavy?

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    Default Can an aluminum top make your boat too top heavy?

    Boat is 26' 8'6 beam inboard cabin cruiser. Fiberglass. Right now it has a canvas top in rough shape. Poles/braces everywhere hard to fish around. All aluminum for top will weigh about 300 lbs. ideally would like to put a 8' inflatable up there as well. 6'6" from deck to roof. So will this work or gonna turn me into a webble wobble out there?

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    The more weight up high the more you will roll. Weight up high will slow your roll, but cause a higher degree or roll. I would be more concerned about sail area.

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    wow 300lbs sounds like its built way to heavy ?? Have you given any thought to making it out of fiberglass with a foam core ? light and strong. I'd bet even 3/8" plywood covered with fiberglass would be lighter. I made a 6'6" x 7' cabin side w/a sliding door for my boat out of fiberglass with a 1/2" plywood core and i can pick it up by myself. Here's a picture of the project

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