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Thread: Selling mounts that are over twenty years old.

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    Default Selling mounts that are over twenty years old.

    I think I know the recent laws on this, but I think a new law should be instated that if you keep the said mount for 20 years plus, you should be able to sell it if you have the proof of when it was harvested.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Hunters 401K sort of.
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    I would not support this. I understand in a divorce or death of the owner as we currently have then that is OK by me.
    First off other than a sealed animal how do we know when it was harvested? Also how do we know said documentation goes with the horns and or hide in question. Many hunters have multiple mounts of the same species so that could complicate matters.
    I understand people wanting to get rid of a few mounts. I just worry that it would be a nightmare to enforce or we would have people cheating the system all the time for money.
    You know selling the 15 year old horns as being the ones you got 25 years ago because the 15 year old ones are bigger and worth more money.
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    Mounts are legally saleable in most other states. If the majority of hunters in Alaska are honest and law abiding, what possible reason could there be for mounts not to be legally sold in Alaska?
    Perhaps most of us would just shoot all the animals to sell them as mounts, eh? Maybe we just can't be trusted!
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    Then there is the situation where an antlered critter is harvested, but the cape was ruined/not kept. fast forward 1, 5, 10, 25 years and a cape is aquired and used to complete a mount using the aformentioned antlers. When was "the animal" harvested?

    This happens all the time.
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