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I am currently completing a feasibility project for my UAA English A212 Course. I would greatly appreciate everyone's input.

Please go to my Board on the AKAOHV forum, answer the polls located there, and discuss different aspects to each question. Check back often for new questions and to update your input to include changing your answer as the discussion makes more progress.

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Many areas around the country and the world are having issues with unsafe and illegal OHV use. OHV Park feasibility studies have been completed around the world. These studies conclude that having an organized area for users to socialize, learn, and practice creates safer users and prevents illegal OHV use.

Alaska has been following the actions of many of the other 49 states. Currently there is a large amount of pressure to close areas throughout the Matanuska Borough. One of these areas is in the mountains around Sutton. MatSu Trails Council and Alaska Association of Off Highway Vehicles (AKAOHV) have been working to get grants to create separate trails for hikers and for motorized users. The Sutton area has had a large amount of illegal riding occurring which has created advocates for closing the trails to motorized use. The evidence demonstrates the need for an area where drivers can practice, learn and receive training.

The question is if it is feasible to construct and maintain a ORV park that would satisfy this need.

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Mike Flowers
UAA Student