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Thread: Uneducated people and kids four wheelers

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    Angry Uneducated people and kids four wheelers

    Am I the only one it bugs when you see people with little kids on 4 wheelers doing dumb things???? Saw little girl this weekend at Jim creek
    flood out and floating!!!!!!!!! Drives me crazy.
    And dont stand on theother bank yelling stay straight don't go to either side stay right in line.
    Ok sorry for the rant.
    The Happy Alaskan

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    Default Darwin Award Canadites...

    You could submit them for an award if you wanna...

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    That's only the beginning when it comes to Jim Creek and Knik. I was riding Knik this evening in my boat with a buddy when we see what appeared to be someone levitating in the middle of the river. Upon closer inspection this guy tried to cross Knik River on an ATV. He made it to the sand bar in the middle of the river but sank it on the way back. Standing on the machine he waited for help. I was going to take a picture but I forgot my memory card in my computer.

    I've seen people hit jumps with two up atv's and come within inches of rolling a 800lbs machine plus two people and then pegged the throttle once leveling out on the ground.

    Crossing Jim Creek is tricky, I have even fallen victim. I could make a wickedly hilarious video of people crossing Jim Creek. Out of the many people I have helped with water logged machines a good majority say, "Well it was shallow here last year."

    But the sad part is when people put their children in danger. Some of the things I have seen on the trail scares me half to death. Situations I would never put my daughter in, other people wouldn't think twice about. That reminds me, I need to go buy a helmet for my daughter so I can take her on the trails.

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    It's people like that whose children end up in the news when they get killed. It gives us all a bad name and in other states has contributed to trail closures, etc. Let's hope that doesn't occur in AK, if it hasn't already.

    I am fairly new to ATV's, but I've ridden street motorcycles for years and I understand the importance of safety. I just bought my seven year old son his first ATV, a Yamaha Grizzly 80. He wears full protective gear every time he rides, even though I have it governed to about 10 MPH max for now, and is 100% supervised. I look forward to the day that I can take him on some trail rides, and I will make sure he has the riding skill and common sense to match the difficulty of the trail. People need to grow an education.

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

    Noone has a more intimate understanding of, or deeper appreciation for freedom, than a soldier who has fought for it in a country where it does not exist.


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